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CVS for J

The Public J Source Repository at juggle

juggle.gaertner.de hosts the J CVS Repository. This living, version-controlled archive contains J libraries, packages, scripts, documentation and other auxiliary files.

The two major components of the repository are

  1. the J/Unix standard script library (writable by ISI), and
  2. contributed J software (writable for every J developer).
Since the repository is version-controlled, it would actually a bit more appropriate to use the plural here: "the J standard libraries". You want to check out whatever belonged to J Release 4.01c? No problem. (More likely, you would just like to see all the differences from 4.01c to now, or from your current J Release to the latest changes as of yesterday. Again, that's no problem.)

Background material

Never used CVS before? You'll probably want to get started with these links:
  1. What is CVS, anyway?
  2. Do I need some special software?
  3. CVS tutorial, Unix
  4. CVS tutorial, WinCVS version,

Those already familiar with cvs will be able to make use of the following infos, without reviewing the links above.

Quickstarter for Downloading the Entire Repository

Even if you are new to cvs, these step-by-step instructions provide the fast track to download the entire standard Unix J library (optional) or just all the contributed software (optional, too).

Those eager to deviate from the Recommend Golden Path (perhaps because they want to checkout just some very specific package) will need to know this:

Accessing the Juggle Repository, Common Info

To access the juggle repository, you need to specify its exact location. If you are a seasoned CVS user, this is all you need to know:
The value for CVSROOT is: :pserver:anoncvs@juggle.gaertner.de:/usr/local/cvs. The password for the read-only login "anoncvs" is "cvs".
If this doesn't mean anything to you, do the tutorial mentioned above.

[Do not use the "cvsdemo" account from the tutorial to access the regular J repository. Go through the CVSROOT selection and login procedure anew.]

The "anoncvs" account gives you read-only access. Nevertheless, your copy is writable and you can make changes to the official files. At any time, you can view the differences against the current or older official versions. You can even integrate later official updates in with your own, modified versions.

The only thing you can not do with "anoncvs" access is writing your modifications back to the directory. But if you fix a bug or improve a package, the maintainer will be happy to receive a "diff", (also called "patch") from you. If it is deemed OK, it will be merged into the official version.

Of course you are welcome to maintain or co-maintain a J package served by the juggle repository. In that case, contact me to get an account with write privileges.

If you are registered as a developer, you login with your own login name you get from me instead of "anoncvs". You'll also get a different password. The account will enable you to set up some notification mechanisms, too.

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