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Bits And Pieces - Tips and Tricks

Uwe Faustmann: Getting help in a J session using the Unix/Netscape Remote Control Feature
The actual script described above.

Martin Neitzel: How #!jconsole sripts work

Martin Neitzel: SuSE owners please note: J and Your Shared Libraries

Martin Neitzel: Invoking J on Unix: Interactive and Batch Modes, Redirections and Pitfalls

Martin Neitzel: Invoking your editor from J

Martin Neitzel: Emergency Breaks for J/Unix

Martin Neitzel: Pretty-printing J with vgrind

Martin Neitzel: The 15!: foreigns for calling functions from shared libraries

Martin Neitzel: An 15!: example: Calling TCL from J

Martin Neitzel: A Very Simple Structure Compiler for J
(originally published in Vector Vol 16 No 2)

Martin Neitzel: MIDI in J
(originally published in Vector Vol 16 No 3. This is not Unix-related, but essentially the main article which the "Structure Compiler" above prepares, so I include it here, too.)

Martin Neitzel: Literate Programming with J and noweb
(originally published in Vector Vol 16 No 4; explains the tool used to create some of the articles here.)

Martin Neitzel: Hunting for (expensive) router connections with J
There it is! No it isn't. Applying J in real life to make a plot, looking for run-away dial-up connections. And finding more of them than expected... a tale that two tools can be better than just one.

Martin Neitzel: Names and Locales in J
The history of J names and name spaces from 1990 to 2015.

Martin Neitzel: Untying the Gordian Knot: Agreement in J
My APL95 conference paper, re-released after ACM relaxed the publication rights not too long ago.

Martin Neitzel: Special J Words
The J literature is written ordinary words turned special; a list of caution.

Martin Neitzel: J Documentation
My recommendations on what to read, what to skip.

Martin Neitzel: Debugging with an adverb
A stupidly simple utility which can help a lot.

Martin Neitzel: Is a J Compiler possible?
Here be dragons!

Martin Neitzel: The 2!:2 foreign for forking off another unix process and talking with it.
Because the DoJ entry for 2!:2 is a bit terse, and it can be tricky to put all parts of the puzzle together, here is a full-blown example how to use 2!:2.

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