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Juggle Home Page

J for UNIX platforms

Are you using the J programming language under Unix? Then this web site is for you.

Juggle was established for J programmers around 1997. It predates "sourceforge" a bit, but is quite comparable. It grew out of the knowledge that a single support person needs to automate whatever can be automated to be able to continue with Real Work, i.e., hacking J.

Extremely new news:

Mailing-Lists about to move

The mailing-list area is now put under a dummy user+passwd protection to thwart off spam spiders. Use common sense to access that area.

The names of the mailing lists will change soon because the old names have been spam-spoiled beyond repair.

Feature wish list to be junked

I'll probably junk the feature request list. There's now the wiki-based one at www.jsoftware.com.

Freeze juggle at J4.x/Unix?

I'm thinking of it. Jsoftware (finally) extended their own web site to incorporate those user support facilities for which I orginally established the juggle server. Given that, Juggle doesn't offer any relevant benefits for the average J user anymore.

Then again, juggle also provides a lot of infrastructure for my own purposes as a source-licensed J-Rel-4.x user and J consultant. I will continue to run juggle but just stick to this release train. This will in particular refer to J library updates and the bug database.

Juggle - an overview

So much for the latest news. Here is an overview over all the material available to you here at "juggle".

J Rel. 4 packages for Unix platforms
Some changes here, a small "heads up!" notice is probably in order. In a nutshell: Gärtner Datensysteme did all the 4.x releases for JSoftware up to and including 4.05. If you have troubles or questions regarding these packages, you are welcome to ask for our help. we will certainly continue to actively support these releases. You can also read a slightly more detailed version of this nutshell, but the gist of it is all here.

Due to lack of time, we had to resign from licensing bleeding-edge J source and making ports for JSoftware. The port of J4.05 from Windows to Unix alone took us more than one and a half year. The J community certainly deserves quicker turn-around time, but I didn't feel able to deliver the required level of support anymore.

J Release 5 is developed, released, and supported exclusively by JSoftware for all platforms.

That notwithstanding, the "juggle service center" is still here to support you and welcome any discussions about J/Unix, no matter which release.

Useful bits and pieces
J users on Unix have their own ideas how J fits best into their environment. Share yours with us! Mail all your contributions to Martin Neitzel. Send your UNIX-specific scripts in, or find out how others are putting J to use. Yes Virginia, we Unixers value even mere documentation as a "useful bit and piece"!

The J script CVS repository
The Juggle CVS repository is a revision-controlled archive of J scripts and J-related tools or material such as a vim(1) syntax file for J. It contains both the official J scripts and contributed code. You can even use this server to host your own J projects.

Juggle mailing lists.
You want to get onto one of the juggle mailing lists? No problem. We've got three of them, one for questions/answers/discussions and one for announcements only. The third list lets you keep track of all changes to the J script library. More details and access to previous contibutions are here.

The Juggle Feature Hitlist
Vote for the next J UNIX enhancement! Put your money where your mouth is, or much better: put our money where your mouth is! The J Feature Hitlist is open all the time.

Problem Reports
We are tracking your and own bug reports, change requests, and general cries for help with the aid of the Gnu Problem Report System (aka "GNATS"). "We" meant and still means Gaertner Datensysteme in its role as responsible supporter for J Release 4 / Unix. We very actively continue to support this J Release stream, mostly for our own benefit, because this is version we use, even while Release 5 is out of the door. (The reports are currently in the process of being cleaned up.)
Besides that, we also use specific support categories for projects in the CVS repository. That means you can rely on this (mail-based) service for your own J projects, too.

We hope you enjoy juggle.gaertner.de!

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